Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

Unfortunately, I will not be celebrating this wonderful day of the week with a glass in hand - Instead I am attending a Yoga Class and cleaning /getting the house ready for my friend Jessica this weekend.

However, in celebration of this day that I have come to miss very much so, I thought I would share some stuff I can across this week:

My friend Jacob from the Wine Tasting in Medford I went to a couple weeks ago (yeaaahhh - still haven't had the motivation to post that blog...I didn't realize how many freaking wines we "liked" that day) sent me a creative cork idea - A cork tissue box:

Very cool! Now all we need is the wine fridge next to the toilet paper :P

November is a huge month for Birthdays - Including my dads and my very own - 11/11/11 this year...It should be a good one! For all of you celebrating birthdays this month, I got you a very special card:

Now I leave you with a clip from my favorite Disney movie .. and no it's not when the priest gets a stiffy in The Little Mermaid! However, still a little risque for the kiddies - Enjoy!

And Remember: 

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